9600 Series


9600 Series

Napoleon’s 9600 Series is one of the most stylish and efficient furnaces on the market. Available with either a two-stage variable speed Eon ECM blower motor, or Endura Pro ECM motor, Napoleon’s 9600 Series furnace will meet all your heating needs.

The 9600 Series uses the first, low-fire stage for greater efficiency throughout the heating season. During colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the high fire, second stage to produce additional heat for your home. This effective two-stage system is like having two furnaces in one.

Product Description

Napoleon’s superior engineering and design guarantees consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home for many winters to come. With the 9600 Series furnace, you’ll forget it’s winter.

Features of the 9600 Series

Napoleon's Vortex turbulator

Quality Componenets

  • Extracts the remaining heat from the flue gases once they exit the triple-pass heat exchanger
  • Increases efficiency by evenly distributing the remaining heat t othe coil’s large fins
  • Factory-fired and tested for trouble-free start-ups
  • Self-diagnostic integrated furnace (IFC) control is mounted between the blower rails for easy accessibility
  • Multiple intake/venting, gas pipe and electrical connection options
  • Shortest 96%+ AFUE furnace on the market with 32 ⅞” height and offering two cabinet width sizes, 17 ½” and 22 ½”
  • Multi-position (upflow, horizontal and downflow) for versatile installations
  • Zero clearance in all positions with no additional kits, provides installation ease in closets and alcoves
  • Direct vent (two pipe) and single vent (one pipe) certified with optional concentric venting
  • Integrated furnace control board manages all operational functions and accommodates hook-ups for a humidifier, HRV and electronic air cleaner
  • For use with single or two-stage thermostats
  • Easily installed in all four positions with no additional kits required
  • Simple conversion to propane
  • Interior condensate trap for left or right drainage options
  • Clear condensate collector to view furnace performance

Designed to be Quiet

Durable Sound Reducing Insulated Cabinet

  • Acoustically insulated blower compartment & thermally insulated heat exchanger compartment for quiet and reduced clearance to combustibles
  • Napoleon® 9600 Series furnace is up to 96% AFUE.
  • The patented “SureView” window offers a unique view of the flame in operation.
  • The 9600 Series furnace offers a two stage input and fires at 60% of the full input for low fire to match the heat loss of the house.
  • This series offers a variable speed DC drive ECM motor for comfort and electrical savings.
  • Can be installed as a single pipe or a two pipe (direct vent) system.
  • At 32 7/8″ high, the Napoleon® furnaces are the shortest high efficiency furnaces on the market.
  • The Napoleon® furnaces are the only gas furnaces designed and manufactured in Canada for North American winters.
  • Multi‐position furnace adaptable to any configuration with no additional kits.
  • Easily convertible to LP (propane) installations.
  • For use with single or two stage thermostats.

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